“You’re doing what?”, I exclaimed. I looked at him incredulously, laughed and said, “Wow, I’d never have Mitesh Mody Standconsidered doing that to attract clients.”

Mitesh Mody started his Charted Accountancy practice a couple of years ago in Sydney.

Having found the usual networking activities weren’t effective, he tried something completely outside the box. Something that was producing a consistent stream of new clients.

He set up a stand at the local Saturday markets.

If you’ve ever been to a local farmer’s or art and craft market you’d know the usual stall holders. I’ve never seen a professional services organisation exhibit!

Intrigued, I asked him how he did.

“People come up to the stand and read the large question cards I have on the table. You can see them thinking, talking to each other and commenting, ‘Yup, I have those issues’. Then they take my details and make an appointment. Some people laugh at me, but I have the last laugh as on average I pick up a couple of new clients per market day.”

I’ve included a picture of the stand, but here are some of the question cards. They all hit issues many people feel about their accountants and are meant to provoke a discussion.

  • “Is your accountant giving you a headache?”
  • “Is your accountant proactive?”
  • “Are you getting genuine added value from your accountant?”
  • “Are you looking for a registered SMSF Auditor?”
  • “Are you looking for a reliable Charted Accountant?”
  • “Are you thinking about a Self Managed Super Fund?”

Brilliantly done!

Mitesh is a great example of a “big thinker”.

Big thinkers think outside the box.

They ask “What else could I be doing to grow?” They take risks and try new things. They’re willing to be laughed at. They’re willing to fail fast and keep going until they ultimately succeed.

Are you?

Rashid & Barbara.

P.S. If you’re looking for a new, proactive accountant and would like to contact Mitesh, his details are: T : 02 8960 5702 M : 0405 006 698 E : mmodi@mmcpl.com.au W : www.mmcpl.com.au

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