Announcing: 1 Day Strategic Planning Session – Get yourself ready for 2019

It’s now mid October. The year’s gone by amazingly fast and it’s nearly Christmas.

Is your business at the level you want?  Predictably growing?  Will your business model stack up in the face of competition?

As business owners one of your most important tasks is to work strategically and lead. You are the one that sets direction. You are the one that is ultimately responsible for your success.

You understand the need for strategy and planning, but given the daily stuff you get mired in you often don’t find the time to step above and work on your business.

If you relate, now’s the time to sit down and take stock of your position, strategize and plan.

Work with us on a full day session where we’ll pull apart your business model, outline a strategy for 2019 and formulate 90 day plans.

The session will be tailored to your business and will cover elements including:

  • Your vision and how you articulate it to your troops and clients
  • Your 1, 3 and 5 year revenue and profit target
  • Your target market(s) – definition of your ideal clients – who they are, what they want and how you get in front of them
  • Your big rocks – 1 to 7 priorities you need to focus on each quarter
  • What are your value propositions? (How do they differentiate you?)
  • Your unique differentiators – that separate you from your competition
  • Your people – are the right people in the right roles
  • Revenue Models
  • Risk factors (Competition, AI etc.)
  • Scalability

At the end of the process you’ll know where to focus with a prioritised 90 day action plan moving forward.

Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Please don’t fall into this trap!

For more information and to book in contact Rashid on 0414 913 334.  As these are intensive sessions, we can only handle limited numbers.  So book in early.

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