Would you challenge your client’s thinking?  Put contrary opinions or question assumptions?

All too often there’s a tendency to go along and not rock the boat.  But is this the best approach?  Does it add real value to your clients?

We recently challenged members of our 3Hat Mastermind to ask their clients what they really valued about them.

One reported that clients loved having their thinking challenged.  Someone saying, “Have you really thought about why you’re doing things this way and what would happen if you did this instead?”

The same thinking applies dealing with prospects.

As a consultant, advisor or coach your role is to challenge the status quo.  Get your prospects dissatisfied with their current situation and then present a better alternative.

But to do this you have to be willing to probe.  Rip off the scab and dig around in the wound.  Sounds awful, but unless you can uncover enough pain such that your prospects want to alleviate it, there’s no incentive to change.

Now of course you don’t go in all guns blazing.

Successful salespeople exhibit a high degree of empathy.  They seek to truly understand a prospect’s position.  Their fears, worries, hopes and desires.

Because until someone truly feels you understand them and their situation, they’ll never move to the next step, wanting to follow your lead.

Only then can you present a solution which they’ll buy into.

Still hesitating?  Realise that challenging your prospects is actually serving their best interests because it will ultimately lead to better results.

When was the last time you challenged a client?  Let me know in the comments below.

Finally, if you want to improve your challenging skills and ironically sell without selling, our Sales Accelerator ™ program is designed to help professional consultants who sell high value services close more business, naturally and smoothly.

Give me a hoy to get started.

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