Why your product is irrelevant!
Okay, let me contextualise this. Your product is relevant and your clients will want to know what it is but and this is a big but, only once they actually admit they have an issue they want to solve.
All too often salespeople make the fatal mistake of starting talking about themselves. Their wonderful product or service. The features and benefits.
I have news for you. Your clients don’t care at this point.
All they care about is their own issues and what they want instead.
Your job is to elicit these by gently probing.
Only once you know there’s an issue and that they want to solve it, should you talk about your solution.
And what the next steps would be in their minds to help them implement it.
I know this is a mindset shift for many. So if you’d like our help to master the art of B2B sales, give me a hoy.
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