Are you a victim of the modern curse of always being “on”?  Constantly checking your email, social media and text messages?  Feel as if you’re drowning?

If so, I strongly suggest you watch the video below…

Full Transcript

Are you plugged in 24×7? Never switch off your mobile? Constantly check email? Tell your customers they can call you whenever they feel like? Then feel stressed out of your mind?

I have news for you. No one can be productive if you don’t have some downtime. The world won’t end if you don’t answer that email immediately.

Going from meeting to meeting, fighting fires and being continually interrupted means you’ll never get anything really productive done. And innovation goes out the window.

Most great ideas come from that quiet space in your mind. Often in that period of Alpha Wave brain activity – when daydreaming, or between being awake and asleep. So you must take time to just sit, chill out and think.

If you work in an office, decree that you have quiet time between certain hours. Switch of your email, divert your calls, put up a sign so co-workers don’t drop in for a chat and just think.

And if you’re a manager, for heaven’s sake don’t make your employees feel as if they have to look busy all the time.

Just because someone’s starting into space doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking.  Some of my best ideas have come when I had bosses who recognised this and just allowed me to be.

As an employer you should be measuring productivity and rewarding innovation, not being a time keeper who makes your staff feel untrusted.

Yes it may take some practice and getting used to, but the results will be worth it.

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