I’m constantly surprised at how many professionals hate the thought of “selling”.  Often they have images of slimy snake oil salesmen spruiking miracle potions.

But sales is nothing like that.  In our world sales is being of service.

You have a product or service which adds real value to your clients.  Therefore you have an obligation to get it into your client’s hands whereby they pay you.  A fair exchange of value.

The question is do you believe, truly believe in the value of your offering?

When working with clients, we stress the first sale is always to yourself.

Why?  Because if you don’t believe in the value, why would anyone else do so?  And yes, then you’d be a snake oil salesman.

Think of value in two ways.

Them:  The value your clients get.  In terms of outcomes.  What is it they really want to have.  How will your product help them get more time, money, status or happiness?

Be specific.  Quantify wherever possible.  What emotions will they feel once they’ve got what they want.

You:  What knowledge, experience, qualifications do you bring to the table.  Go over all the clients you’ve worked with and write down the results you helped them achieve.  How did you go about it?  What’s your special sauce?  Could your clients have got the results without you?  Maybe… but at what cost?

I encourage you to go through the exercise and make as long a list as possible.  When doing so once you think you’ve got to the end, keep pushing through.  There’s often something more at a deeper level.

For each item ask yourself “So what?  Why is this important?  What does it achieve?”

For example, we’ve worked with businesses in over 46 industries ranging from professional services, manufacturing, construction and health.

Why’s that important?  Well, most innovation comes from outside your own industry.  Our wealth of experience brings fresh ideas and ways of growing to our clients.  Given our broad range of experience, we’ve tested what works and doesn’t.

So what?  Learning from other’s experience is quicker and expedites results.  And it’s cheaper!

We take this to the next level via the mastermind groups we facilitate.  Groups where multiple business leaders discuss issues and contribute to solutions.  Where the rising tide raises all ships.

Interested?  Contact me for details.

But back to the value exercise.

Once you’ve completed it, test some of your thinking with your clients.  Call and ask them.  What do they value about you and what you provide.  You might be surprised at what they tell you.  Everyone who does this exercise is.

And you’ll feel validated, leading to an inner conviction of value.  Which makes it a no brainer for you to go out and “sell”.

Let me end by making an offer.

Sitting in a vacuum and figuring out your value can be difficult.  Then you need to articulate it in language your prospects will resonate with.

Book yourself in for a RSI – Rapid Sales Intervention where over 90 highly focused minutes, we’ll unpack your value and determine your USP in terms of client outcomes.

More information here.

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