Want to get your message heard?  To masterfully persuade?  Build your business by attracting high quality clients?

People buy from people they trust.  When buyers trust sellers, they depend on them, listen to them, give them access, and spend time with them.

You must communicate your ideas in a way that engenders trust.  And have prospects truly believe you’ll deliver on your promises.

But expertise is not enough.

Prospects want to know who you are as a person, not just what your solution is.

You need to stand for something that’s beyond your personal self-interest.  You must connect with your audience.  And finally, drop your shields and open up.

Every great leader, Abe Lincoln, Ghandi, Martin Luther-King, Ronald Regan, Barak Obama and now Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky have done so.

In each case you knew what they stood for.  They were passionate about changing the status quo and they opened themselves up to all manner of love, criticism and even hate.

It’s no different for you.

If you want to attract people to you, your cause or your business, you need to decide what drives you.  What is it you really want to do.  What is the real difference you want to make.  Could be for your family, your clients or the wider community.

Express opinions.  Be controversial.  Take a stand.  Lead.  Don’t be an also ran.  They get trampled in the rush to the exit.

Then connect with your audience in an authentic way.  Don’t be a plastic cut-out.  Tell them about you.  Warts and all.

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