How To Use White Papers & Free Reports to Attract Qualified Prospects

White papers that educate your audience, while building a relationship with them are one of the most effective ways of building your credibility and attracting good quality clients.

Here’s why… It’s all about positioning.

Who finds whom first is very, very important.

Imagine these scenarios. It could be any two situations where there’s a buyer and a seller…

Scenario 1:

A buyer has a problem and needs to solve it. You get lucky and just happen to call the buyer right went they were looking. So you’re able to show him a solution to that very problem. But frankly, what are the chances of calling at just the right time and getting through?

Scenario 2:

Same buyer has the same problem and needs to solve it. He starts keeping an eye out for a solution. Talks to a friend, or notices an ad, or looks in the yellow pages, reads an article in a magazine – and hears about you. Goes to your website, downloads some good quality information that talks about his problems, showcases solutions and prompts him to call you to see if you can help.

Which situation would you prefer?

Obviously most would prefer the latter.

And there’s another factor that’s very, very important:

In scenario 2, you also have TWICE the chance of getting the buyer’s business as you do in scenario 1.

Why? Because the buyer found you first.

In the first scenario you were prospecting. In scenario 2 you were positioning yourself.

The buyer naturally has more respect for you in the latter because everyone knows you must climb the mountain to find the guru. Gurus don’t come down from the mountain hunting for disciples.

Free Reports or White Papers accomplish this positioning for you by providing helpful advice, demonstrating your capabilities and highlighting the benefits of working with you.

You can position yourself as an expert, win free exposure in the press, and automate more of your sales process than you ever thought possible.

Good white papers can be used for years and will bring you paying clients, time and time again.

Here are a few ways you can use them:

  • You can collect prospect contact details by offering the report as a free download on your website. This allows you to follow them up over time and keep feeding them interesting information.
  • You can send them to a targeted prospect to warm them up and generate interest before calling them.
  • You can leave a copy with a prospect after a meeting so they have a tangible reminder of what you can do for them.

And if you’re wondering, “Won’t the people that download the free report not need my company then?”

Your free report or white paper is designed to showcase your expertise and prove you can solve their issues. Your report does not solve their issues for them, rather it encourages them to call for more information.

Here are are some we’ve written for clients.

Group 8 Education

John Corrigan of Group 8 Education is passionate about improving student learning outcomes in schools.

John has been working on a Performance, Development and Coaching model which has

John Corrigan White Paper
been rolled out to schools in the Victorian Catholic Education system as well as schools in the United Kingdom.

While John gets most of his business through word of mouth, he wanted to expand his reach to the broader education system.

John’s product is complex and needs to be explained in ways that both senior school leadership and teachers would embrace.

This white paper, combined with numerous case studies documenting results presents John’s story and forms the basis of a comprehensive marketing program we implemented.

Click here or on the image to download a copy.

SDI - Strengths Deployment Inventory

Workplace Disharmony And Conflict Directly Costs Australian Businesses Upwards Of $10.1 Billion A Year!

  • 25% of employees have reported that conflict or the avoidance of conflict has resulted in
    sickness or avoidance of work.
  • Absenteeism and presenteeism account for an average of 3.2 days lost productivity per worker per year.
  • Just one team of four people, each earning $60,000/pa, working on a 6 month project that blows out due to interpersonal conflict and the lack of ability to work together could cost you upwards of $400,854! And that’s just one project!

Written for Personal Strengths Australia, this White Paper outlines the causes of conflict and more importantly how you can Anticipate, Prevent, Identify, Manage And Resolve It before it takes a major toll on your business.

The White Paper explains the Strength Deployment Inventory tool, how it works and the results organisations have experienced when using it in layman’s terms.

Click here or on the image to download a copy.

Cigna Property Investment

Every Australian aspires for a better life. You want to pay off your home loan, achieve “financial freedom”, banish money worries, and live a great life. After all, it’s the great

Australian Dream, isn’t it?

But sadly, for most people, this will be but a pipe dream.

The “average” Australian will work for 40 years while sending their kids to school, paying off their mortgages and trying to save something for their retirement and hoping the Government will pick up the shortfall via the pension.

Cigna Group specialises in helping ordinary Australians build up their wealth through a combination of financial planning and property investment.

This white paper is used to further educate prospects regarding Cigna and how it can help.

The white paper also contains a series of case studies which further illustrate the results people can get.

Click here or on the image to download a copy.

John Walker - Retire Invest

John Walker of RETIRE INVEST is a Certified Financial Planner in Sydney. John engaged our services to help him improve his marketing.

As part of this process we recommended John specialise in dealing with

Aged Care issues – a growing segment due to Australia’s aging population.

Moving into aged care can be a very complex process – with major tax and pension ramifications. So we wrote a white paper detailing some of the issues that could be faced, case studies and how John could help navigate and project manage the process.

This white paper forms the basis of John’s lead generation system and is given to prospective clients, referral sources (so they can give it away), listed on his website, handed out at seminars etc.

Prospects read the white paper, get a sense for who John is and how he can help – and then call to make an appointment.

Click here or on the image to download a copy.

Perenso Sales Force Automation

Perenso has been a leader in creating sales force automation solutions specifically for

pharmaceutical supply organisations in Australia.

Starting in 1994, they now have over 50% of the leading pharmaceutical suppliers in the country rely on their system to run their sales business more efficiently.

Perenso came to us because they wanted to move into the highly competitive Fast Moving Consumer Goods area, but had no track record with these companies.

One of the key elements in a comprehensive marketing system was a White Paper which explained the benefits of Sales Force Automation and Perenso’s specific solution. Aimed squarely at CEO’s and National Sales Directors, this white paper is used both as a pre appointment, after meeting and web lead generation tool.

It’s proved to be highly effective as it positions Perenso as world leaders in their field.

Click here or on the image to download a copy.

So if you sell any kind of complex or technical product or service – if you have an elegant solution to a challenging problem – then a well-written, well-publicised white paper may be the missing link in your sales and marketing strategy.

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