In conversations with business owners in the time of Covid-19 I’ve been struck by two completely different attitudes.

Some said “Woe is me.  It’s really difficult and I’ve lost most of my business.  So I’m taking a holiday and waiting it out”.

BTW, these are not people in tourism, hospitality, gyms etc. where they have been locked down.  Most were in some form of professional services, IT etc.

The rest said, “We were worried at first, then looked for the opportunities and things have never been better”.

Personally, we’re in the second camp.  Right from the get go we significantly ramped up our activity, put webinars and new programs like our masterclass series together, promoted the heck out of them and brought on new clients.

I love this quote from the late Zig Ziglar.  “Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude in life.”

So where is your attitude.  As another mentor of ours says, “Do you need a check up from the neck up?”

Opportunity is everywhere.  You have to be open to it.  Try new things.  If your current market isn’t buying, maybe with a few tweaks a different one will.

Thin slice your offering.  Think of a small thing your clients can easily buy.  Something that solves a small problem that’s been niggling them.  Then look to how to broaden it out once you’ve built up trust.

If you’d like our help to narrow down your offering, craft a message which cuts through and test a market, give me a call.  We’re offering short, sharp sessions where we focus on just one thing so you get it done.

Call Rashid on +61-414-913-334 or email: to book yourself in.

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