When faced with adversity you have a choice.

Hunker down.  Close the blinds.  Hope it’ll go away.  Give up.


Look for opportunities.  There’s always a silver lining.  You just have to look hard enough.

Okay, I don’t want to put a positive spin on everything.  There are lots of businesses that are doing it really tough right now.

But, where are the opportunities?

A lot of us appear to have more time on our hands.  So rather than binge on Netflix, how about using the space to just think.

There’s a great story in the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard‎ where there’s a chap who appears to just sit in his office staring into space.  When other employees question this, management respond with, “His role is to just think.  Some of his ideas have produced millions of dollars for us.”

Thinking is the ultimate form of leverage.  Using a small effort to produce a much larger outcome.

So what could you think about?

This is an ideal time to make your business operation more efficient.

Where could you do more with the same or less effort or people?

Systemise repetitive, multi-step tasks.  Which people do you really need?  How could you increase productivity?

What could you delegate freeing up your time?

Where are the critical failure points in your business and how can you fix these?  Could be a key person risk.  Or a client which gives you the majority of your revenue.

Where could you optimise delivery? Marketing, sales?

What would put you in good stead once this current crisis is over?  Are there “side markets” you could target?

What will the “new normal” look like?

A colleague brought up an interesting point.  “People have outsourced thinking.”  Don’t fall into this trap.

Use this time wisely.  Brainstorm ideas with your people.  Get external input.

Make plans and then execute.

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