Do you have a clear 12 month strategy and direction for your business?  Have 90 day plans which outline exactly what you’ll focus on to maximise growth?

No?  You’re not alone.

Working with hundreds of business leaders one thing stands out.

They constantly fight fires, rather than clearing the underbrush.

Most get subsumed in short term tactics rather than spending time on overall strategy and direction.

Which means the only constant is stress.  Lots of it.

If this is your reality, you have a choice.

Keep going down the track you’re on.  However, we all know the definition of insanity.


Join us for a strategic growth workshop where you’ll develop a framework of exactly what you’ll need to do for the next 12 months broken down into 90 days chunks giving you the best return on time, money, effort and resources you use.

Your job as the leader is to set direction and priorities.

But it’s often very difficult to do this in isolation.

You find yourself working in the weeds rather than taking a helicopter view and dispassionately observing exactly what’s going on and how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Our strategy sessions solve this by forcing you to take time out to work on your business rather than in it.

We’ll cover:

  • Issues inhibiting growth. Be it unclear vision, strategy, marketing and sales implementation.
  • Our proprietary value gap analysis determines exactly what your clients value, differentiating yourself from your competition.  This feeds into a strategic marketing and sales plan we’ll help you develop.

  • If your people are being used to the best of their capabilities. Are the right people in the right roles.  Do they fully understand their role, want it and are capable of delivering.
  • Your accountability structures ensuring no one can hide and that KPIs are defined and met.
  • Company culture. If your people share and adhere to your values and beliefs and what decisions need to be made if not.

Next we’ll prioritise.  Where you’ll focus achieve consistent growth in the short, medium and longer term.

  1. For each item we’ll determine the impact it’ll have on your business and how easy (or not) it will be to implement.
  2. These will be plotted on an Impact/Ease grid which will visually show priorities.
  3. You’ll decide exactly who’s responsible and accountable for the outcome and using our GWC process determine their suitability for the task.


What results can you expect?

Leverage is key to growth.  Knowing exactly where to focus and what activities will give you the most bang for buck, resulting in sustained business growth.

You’ll leave with a 12 month plan broken down into 90 day chunks including who’s responsible for delivering them with clear KPIs.

Why work with us?

Over 20 years we’ve worked with businesses in over 46 industries ranging in size from single person practices to companies turning over $40M/year with 70 staff.

We are not all things to all people.  Our focus is on 4 key business areas.  Your vision/mindset, strategy, marketing and sales.

Our unique combination of knowledge, experience and multiple industries means we can take what’s worked elsewhere and apply it to your situation.

We are not theorists.  Our goal is to find practical, implementable solutions that will help you sustainably grow your business.

Your next step…

Contact us for a preliminary discussion where we’ll determine if we’re a good fit.  If we believe we can help, you can decide to move forward.  If we don’t think we’re suitable for you, we’ll tell you and recommend other resources if possible.

Call Rashid on 0414 913 334 to make an appointment.

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