We live in the information age where you can get educated on just about any topic – free!  Just Google it.

Back pre-internet, the meme was “Knowledge is power”.   But given that knowledge is freely available, why should someone pay you for it?

The answer is they probably won’t.

What they will pay for is your ability to help them execute and implement.

Put another way, the experience of working with you to achieve a result.

Always remember, people buy from people.  We need to trust you can deliver.  And it certainly helps if your clients like you.

Yes, we still want great quality information, but only a fraction of your audience will do the research.  You can stand out by curating information, adding your IP and providing a way for your clients to implement and get results.

So what you’re really selling is the human element – the personal connection.

Musicians are a prime example.  Streaming services have killed traditional album sales.  So artists now make their money from live gigs.  And yes, even in Covid – there’s a chap (I forget his name) who still made a huge amount with Zoom concerts and a “tip jar”.)

So what are you doing to help your prospects and clients get to know you and build trusted relationships?

And are you communicating this?

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