There’s a lot of misguided information peddled about the importance of branding.  Specifically believing logos, letterhead and business cards are what constitutes a brand.

Too often we see businesses spend an inordinate amount of time and money getting this stuff designed and printed thinking they’ll attract clients through it.


Last I looked nobody hired us on the basis of our logo or letterhead.

They were attracted by a different kind of branding.  One that spoke of our values and beliefs.  Our reputation, what we stand for and how we deal with our clients.

And this applies equally well to any well-known brand, be it clothing, whitegoods or electronics.  You select them based on their reputation, be it for innovation, quality manufacturing and customer service.

If you’re a professional services consultant, you are your brand.  You’ll attract clients who vibe with you and feel you understand them.

Think of it in terms of your social relationships.  We’re generally attracted to people like us.  People with shared experiences.  Over time we get to know them, their values and beliefs.  A period of know you and like you leads to trust being developed.

Your prospects need to feel you understand and empathise with their lived experience.  What they’re going through when confronted by issues you can solve.

Therefore you must be authentic and transparent and let them into the way you think.  The way you approach problems and solutions and the results you get.

Tell them your origin story.  How and why you got into business.  Maybe you had a similar lived experience and found a solution which they’ll benefit from.

Talk about your own journey, some of the mistakes you’ve made, what you’ve learned, what you’d do differently in hindsight and what you do now that helps your clients get results.

Having said that, this is not letting everything out, warts and all.  Be judicious and strategic about this.

Every story has to have a point and benefit to your reader.  It has to draw them in, take them on a journey and leave them with not only a better understanding of you, but feel uplifted in some way and eager to know more.

Which unless you’re a born storyteller is not easy.

Which is why a large part of our coaching and mentoring program focuses on client attraction by articulating your personal story, communicating your values and beliefs and what makes you unique in the eyes of your ideal prospects.

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