For many of us – coming into December can be really hectic. There are lots of things you want to get done before taking a break. And while it’s really important to step back and recharge, now is also a great time to reflect on both the past year and what you want to achieve in 2023.

What drives you. Why you’re in business. What you really want to achieve.

I’ve been doing the same. Thinking about my purpose. Why I’m in business.

Sure, like all of us, I’m in business to make money. Run a commercially successful practice. But there’s more to it than that.

I am passionate about helping business leaders build better businesses. Businesses that are a vehicle to help you achieve freedom. Whatever that means to you.

For me it means financial and emotional fulfilment. I want to do work I love, with people I like, the way I want.

So what is it you want? What’s your bigger purpose? I really urge you to make the time to sit down and visualise it. What would you love to achieve in a year, two, three, five and beyond. And then work out a plan to achieve it.

And this is the key. James Clear in Atomic Habits points out, “Goals are good for setting direction. But systems are best for making progress”. Having a goal is ultimately just an intention. You have to work it backwards, determining actions you’ll take along the way. Then monitor these to ensure you’re keeping on track.

If you’d like my help setting up your vision, strategy and implementation plan, drop me a note. We’ll work together to determine the steps and help keep you on track and accountable.

Contact me regarding our Focus and Strategy sessions where we’ll work over the course of 30 days to:

• Define your major goals for 2023 including sales plans.

• The major challenges and risks and how to mitigate them.

• Determine the big rocks that need to be achieved.

• Define the resources you’ll require.

• Put together an implementation system with appropriate milestones

We have limited slots, so contact me at to get started.


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