There will inevitably be a time in life when we’re confronted with someone we know going through a horrible event.

Could be the death of a loved one, illness, horrific injury or even financial loss.

Over the years I’ve heard many people going through life changing events recount how isolated they felt as people around them didn’t know what to say, avoided them completely or made completely inappropriate remarks.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing.  This is her take on why we as the person confronting the other person’s loss do what we do.

I strongly urge you to watch it.  But keep a box of tissues handy.  Not to pity her.  Far from it.  Adrianne expresses a strength and wisdom that’s refreshing.

And finally, if you are confronted by a situation like this on either side of the fence, there are some really practical ways of helping you to deal with it.

Watch it here.

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