In sales we all talk about “adding value” to our clients.  But what constitutes value?  At its core, value is in the eye of the beholder – your prospect and client.  They are the final arbiter, not you!

When coaching business leaders and their sales teams I emphasise you need to get out of your own head and look at what you deliver through your client’s eyes.

Your customer is looking to increase THEIR sales, THEIR customer loyalty, THEIR employee loyalty, THEIR productivity, THEIR morale, THEIR profit, and to have no problems. Are those the values you bring to the table?

Are you talking about this or mouthing platitudes like “excellent customer service”, “exceeding customer expectations” etc.  Stuff your clients take as a given – the price of entry.

Show your prospects and clients how they can win.

When speaking about the value you bring, talk in both tangible and emotional terms.

Is what you’re providing going to help them either make or save time and/or money.  Will it enhance their status/recognition either in their organisation (meaning promotion) or externally in their community?  Does it enhance their overall wellbeing?  Does it add to their capabilities in some form?  And finally, does it give them energy?

When dealing with high value sales involving multiple stakeholders…

The key is to understand the INDIVIDUAL drivers of each person involved in the decision, be they the final decision maker, influencers and even users as a group.

The more you put value in terms of how they win, how they profit, and how they produce, the more it will be perceived as real value.

Put another way, when a prospect perceives you truly understand them and their drivers, and the value you bring, the sale is yours.  Even if your price is significantly higher.

If they don’t, they’ll go with the competition with the lowest price.

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