What are your clients really buying?

It’s tempting to say your product or service. But is that really true?

Sure, your product or service has to fulfil a need. Provide an outcome they want. But before your prospect makes that decision they’re buying “you”.

This is especially true in professional services.

No matter what we’re providing, your prospects likely have myriad choices. Which commoditises you.

So how do you differentiate yourself? Stand out from your competition?

At its core we all want to be heard. Felt understood. That the vendor really got us. Understood our business and what we really wanted to achieve, deep down.

The only way this’ll happen is if you’re empathetic. Walk a mile in their shoes.

Ask questions that show you understand their situation deeply. Questions that have them delve into their situation, examine it from different angles. Realise the impact and implications of NOT changing.

Why? Because change is hard. Your biggest barrier to a sale is the status quo. “Why do we need to change? Things are working fine as they are.”

Your job is to help them see for themselves that going down the path they’re on will slowly and then suddenly cause major issues affecting their bottom line.

Then have them understand how your solution has the opposite effect. That the gap between success and eventual failure is quite small right now – but will inevitably get much larger as time goes on.

Ultimately they have to convince themselves that: A) The problem is worth fixing and B) You’re the one they trust to be able to help fix it.

Then, and only then, should you go into the mechanics of how you’ll deliver. What’s involved etc.

Contrast this with what “normally” happens. Starting with a pitch and demonstrating the solution.

Remember, your potential clients don’t care what you know until they know you care and fully understand them.

If you’d like my help formulating a questioning methodology to accomplish this, reach out. I’m just a phone call away.

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