Want to ramp up business? Pick up the phone and call your old customers! Pick up the phone

A client rang me a couple of weeks ago. The phones had stopped ringing. Staff were sitting around waiting for jobs. She was worried.

I said, “Go through your client list. Categorise them into A, B and C clients by amount spent and frequency of purchase. Then start calling the A’s and B’s who haven’t done anything with you for a while”.

One of her technicians is an upbeat type and said he’d be happy to call.

The results were nothing short of spectacular.

Old clients were happy to be contacted. The organisation had changed its name a while ago and these clients had tried finding them to no avail.

Other clients said they’d stopped ordering for various reasons, but many were happy to place orders and did.

The result was an extra $60,000 cash flow injection into the business from a few hours’ work and some calls.

There are a couple of salient lessons here.

First, stop relying exclusively on emails and other forms of written communication. We all want human contact. So pick up the phone and talk. Better yet, go out and see them if possible.

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Remember the 90 day rule. If someone hasn’t heard from you in 90 days they’ll forget you exist should another supplier come on the scene with a relevant offer.

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So if your phone’s stopped ringing, get on it. Be proactive. Reach out. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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