Want to attract clients? You need a big hook. Something that they really, really want and are willing to pay for.listen-understand-act

Take golfers.

They’re a rabid lot. Once they’ve got the bug they’ll spend inordinate amounts on coaching and improving their game.

They live it, breathe it and can’t get enough, rain, hail or shine.

Not being a golfer, I thought golfers generally wanted to reduce their handicap.

Not so.

According to a golfing coach client, it appears many just want to “hit longer, more consistently”.

Notice this has nothing to do with putting the ball in the hole with less strokes and winning the round. The ego position is “I want to hit the ball further”. This is their measure of success.

What’s this got to with marketing and selling?


People buy because you promise an outcome or result. “What result could you get for me if I pay you the money.”

Most are initially not interested in the nitty, gritty process you take to get them there.

But most marketers and sales people get hung up in presenting their process. They go to great lengths to explain what they do rather than focusing on what the client gets.

I’m not saying people aren’t interested in the process. They are. But the process doesn’t initially grab their attention.

Back to our golf coach.

He’s not a golf pro. He works on core strength, fitness and swing mechanics using a variety of methods including some very innovative technology called the K-Vest TPI 3D bio-feedback mechanism.

He wants to sell training sessions and thought the K-Vest TPI 3D bio-feedback technology would be the hook that would get prospects interested.

Having looked at the technology I can tell you it’s pretty schmick.

You get an immediate analysis of swing efficiency, movement and power. This is part of their spiel.

“K-Vest TPI 3D allows us to see kinematic (transfer of energy in body segmental order) sequence graphs and swing summaries which assess the torso and pelvic bend, side bend and rotational metrics. This will help you to understand your swing, learn about your body movements and how to perform to your best with live biofeedback animation with visual and auditory feedback.”

Huh? How does all this translate into the one thing golfers want. The hook. What they really want. “Hitting longer”.

Here’s what I would say instead.

“Serious about your golf? Learn how you can hit your ball at least 20m longer, more consistently”

Then I’d talk about why people can’t get maximum power and accuracy, what the solution is, how it might be delivered (his program) and what the results (proof) have been for clients.

The mistake many make is getting caught up in process too soon. How wonderful the technology is. How wonderful they are at delivering etc., etc.

Remember, people want to have their problems solved.

So talk in terms of solutions, outcomes, results. What they get. How they will feel.

It doesn’t matter what you sell. Whether it’s complex B2B products or services or B2C emotions are critical. Ultimately we all buy on emotion and justify with logic.

So hook first. Process of how you deliver, second.

Now, before we finish, there is one final caveat.

Don’t make assumptions about what your clients find valuable. What you think they want and what they really value could be miles apart.

Their reasons are not your reasons.

The best way to find out is to ask them. Contact your old clients and ask why they bought, what value you provided and how you could improve.

The results may well surprise you. Incorporate their reasons into your marketing message and you’ll attract more prospects and close more business far more easily.

When you master the art of selling in terms of outcomes your clients value you’ll never look back. Your business will grow in ways you never thought possible.

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