Vigilance, diligence, agility and vulnerability.  As a business leader, what do these words conjure up for you emotionally?

For many of us the last couple of years have been anything but stable.  We’ve had to be highly vigilant, almost needing to see around corners.  It was often two steps forward, three back.  Business was uncertain.  And we felt nothing if not vulnerable.

But we had to be agile.  Be diligent.  One foot in front of the other.  Keep going.  Our livelihoods and those whom we support depended on it.

All of which took an emotional toll.

Having said that we can’t stay there.

2022 is just around the corner.  What it holds is up to you.

What are the lessons you learned over the last couple of years?  How can you apply those to move your business forward?  How do you ensure your business becomes a wealth generating machine?

One of the fundamental questions we ask our clients is “What do you want from your business?”

The most common answer is to provide great service, make money and enjoy yourself while doing so.

So, are you on track?  Ask yourself what phase your business is in:

Instability – where cash flow is patchy.  Losing one or two clients could see you in real trouble…

Stability – You have steady cash flow.  A good spread of clients and are looking to move to the next level.  You’re drawing a significant personal income…

Consolidation – This is the tipping point.  You have solid leadership in place.  The right resources and people in the right roles which gives you a solid foundation for…

Expansion – You have the ability to scale.  Enter new markets.  Increase profitability which gives you leverage to…

Make your business into a free standing asset which you could exit from via a sale.

Realise that each stage has its risks and opportunities.  Each stage require a different level of thinking, strategy and implementation.  What got you to each rung won’t get you to the next one.

As a leader you must continually refresh your own mindset and knowledge.  Take on board and implement new ideas.   Be agile and responsive to your market.

Which isn’t easy to do if you’re constantly working “In” or “For” your business.  You need to regularly step out and revisit your strategy and ensure it’s aligning with your vision.

Which frankly is easier with external help.  We work with our clients to do just this.

December and January are an ideal time to reflect on your year and where you want to be in the next 2 to 3 years.

Work with us on your overall strategy and implementation plan ensuring 2022 is a great year.

Contact me on 0414 913334 for more details.

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