Naked Wine + Electrician OfferLots of people hate junk mail.  And fair enough.

But while lots of it is boring and promoting offers you have no interest in, every now and then there’s something really creative.

These two promotions appeared in our letter box recently.

The first one is from Naked Wines offering a $100 gift card to try them out.

Note the use of Code and Password which would allow them to track the offer.  Plus an expiry date to imply scarcity and get us to take action or miss out.

I thought the back with the CAUTION – This voucher is only valid if you answer YES to the below was a brilliant touch.

See the image for the questions.

The second piece was a fridge magnet with a difference.

Rather than the usual guff, this one from a local electrician actually had something useful on it.

Cooking conversions!

Converting cups to ml’s.  Teaspoons to ml’s and tablespoons to cups.  Something I hadn’t seen before and would stick on the fridge.  Useful when converting American recipes to metric units.

Hat’s off to whoever thought these up.


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