Two Heads Consulting

The Two Heads Consulting Sessions are geared to provide short, sharp advice concerning aspects of strategy and growth.

These are some of the issues we’ve dealt with:

  • You’re planning to introduce a new product or service into the market place but are unsure how to go about it.
  • You want quick feedback on specific strategies to boost client acquisition.
  • You’d like more clarity as to your business direction and have a sounding board to bounce ideas and get guidance.
  • You feel you need a confidence boost before approaching potential clients because you don’t know how get their attention.
  • You spend your whole day working in your business, constantly fighting fires and going round in circles and need clarity on a specific topic.
  • You find yourself going down rat holes, so it’s difficult, even impossible to step back, take stock and then decisively act.
  • You’re considering working with a business advisor or coach, but want to give it a short try without a long term commitment.

The “Two Heads Are Better Than One” sessions will help you get clarity in direction and action, so you get results quickly.

As experienced business consultants and coaches with over 30 years’ experience, we work on your strategies, tactics and implementation plans to fast track your business growth.

We’ve helped businesses in over 40 different industries ranging from professional services (accountants, solicitors and financial planners, OH&S consultants, property investment firms, mortgage brokers), to tradespeople and manufacturers.

Having coached and consulted with so many diverse industries, we will bring a wealth of cross-fertilisation ideas and experience to your particular situation.

Working with us you’ll:

  • Get clarity as to your business direction.
  • Get new, effective marketing and sales strategies that bring in more clients.
  • Streamline your marketing and sales processes – so you get more business while spending less on marketing.
  • Have a sounding board to bounce ideas. (Our clients rate this as the most valuable aspect of what we do)
  • Stop wasting money going down rat holes.

How is it delivered?

  • Designed for short, sharp interventions, each session takes place over 60 minutes. During the call we will focus precisely on issues you want clarity on. We will then give you insights and practical solutions you can implement.
  • So you can review the call and implement, you will receive an MP3 recording of the call.
  • Priority Response Personal Email. You will have many “ah ha” moments during and after our live sessions. You may need clarification on things.

Will this work for you?

Steve Hather is MD of the APAC Risk Institute, booked in for a “Two heads are better than one” session, where in just one hour, I isolated three distinct marketing messages aimed at small to medium, large corporate and insurance brokers respectively. Messages that highlight the risks of not taking action, and the benefits of using his methods for these three very different segments.

In his own words, “The session was really useful” and he now has a framework to create a marketing and sales plan.

Murray Smith was grappling with where to place his focus within 3 different businesses.

Within one session, Murray achieved clarity and direction.

This is what he said to me:

“Your call to me yesterday was confronting and incredibly helpful. I had worked it all through before, not always with solutions, so the tough questions were needed again. Thanks for being so integrous and straight shooting.”

You can read far more testimonials from happy clients here.