“Just Do It.”Bewilderment

A slogan made famous by Nike. But there’s a lot of power in those 3 words.

Ever had so many choices that confusion reigned? You went round and round in circles. Couldn’t make up your mind and did nothing?

“Where should we go for dinner?” “Don’t know – there’re so many choices.” “Oh, can’t decide. Let’s just stay home.”

Fine here, but not good in a business context.

You have 50 ways to market your business. Ideas flow. But you can’t decide. So you procrastinate. Hoping you’ll make the “right choice”. Too many options. Maybe it’s fear holding you back.

So you do nothing. And get no result.

But it’s not actually no result. You’re really going backwards.

If this is you, I have only one piece of advice.

Change your mindset.

You can’t steer a stationary car.

It’s better to try something and fail. At least you’ll know what didn’t work. And what if it did?

Obviously this is not about putting all your eggs in one basket and taking massive risks. Move forward, make corrections. It doesn’t have to be perfect to get results. 80% is usually good enough.

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