There’s a common trap I see lots of technically based organisations fall into.  They believe their technology is the be all and end all and the reason people

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Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ultimately, your clients buy to solve business problems.  The technology is an enabler.  Nothing more.

So stop focusing on your tech.  Stop talking about the bells and whistles and bright flashing lights.  Instead highlight the business value and outcomes.

That takes a completely different mindset and level of skill.  Especially if you’re someone very comfortable speaking at a technical level to another specialist.

Delve into how your solution will help the business achieve their outcomes.  Be it becoming more efficient, saving time and money, reducing complexity and stress etc.

Find out what the business drivers are and why they’re important.

What are they aspiring to achieve.  What’s causing them grief now.  Dig into both.  Keep asking “So what?  What’s the implication?  What will happen if…?”

Your role is to facilitate a conversation with your prospects, providing insights which help them determine their own reasons for moving forward.  And then to collaborate on a solution which they buy into.

This is by far the most effective sales methodology.

Now I’d be remiss if I said that was all there was to it.  When dealing with organisations there are usually multiple people involved in the decision.  You need to identify them, their agendas and where you could be blocked.

We work with our clients to do just this so they improve their closing rates, meet their growth goals and ultimately create an asset from their businesses.

If you’d like our guidance doing so, we have a number of programs which will suit.

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