There’s only one commodity you can’t get more of – time!  You can always make more money – but you can never get wasted time back.  So spend your time wisely.

Start by valuing yourself and your time first.  Where are you spending it?

In a sales situation are you spending it with real prospects – people who are likely to buy in the short term?  Or are you chasing people who say all the right things, but nothing seems to move forward.

Decide on your own hourly rate.  i.e. The ROI you want for every hour you spend at work.

I’ve often written about the concept of $10,000, $1,000, $100 and $10 an hour work.  $10,000/hour work is highly strategic and leveraged.  While you may not do a lot of it every day, it’s worth thinking about what you’re doing and how this affects your bottom line.

$1,000/hour work is helping high value prospects make buying decisions.  Facilitating the sale.

Everything else should take second and third place.

Remember, you want to be both efficient and effective.  Meaning you do the right things which move you closer to your goals in the least time possible, with the least effort.

And finally, if you’re in growth mode, decide that sales is the first order of the day.  Block that time out and get to it.

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