Let’s talk about the elephant in every sales situation. It’s something felt by every one of us to some degree.  And if which if left unaddressed can kill the sale.

Put simply, the elephant in the room is risk.

As buyers at some level every purchase is a risk.  We’re wondering if we’re making the right decision.  Will the product solve our problem?  Give us what we want?

Do we have to justify the purchase and should it go wrong how will that affect us?

Interestingly, this fear often overrides any perceived benefits and aspirations.

So knowing this, as the salesperson it makes sense to be proactive and name the issue.  After all it’s in your buyer’s mind, so acknowledge it.

Start by listening to your buyer and what they’re experiencing.  So you understand their world.

Empathise with their situation so you connect deeply and create common ground.

But you can’t stay there.

You must respectfully take the lead and show them a way to a solution and explain how you mitigate any risk on their part.

This is how you diffuse any tension between you and your buyer.

Our sales training and coaching programs take a deep dive into how you listen, empathise and lead a sales conversation.

So if you would like our help to close more business in less time contact me at revealedresources.com.

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