Who would have believed the Lion King is a great metaphor for business.  Particularly the lyrics of the circle of life.

I’ve taken the liberty of modifying it slightly so the relevant parts go like this.

In the circle of business, it’s the wheel of fortune. It’s the leap of faith. It’s the band of hope ‘til we find our place.

Some of us fall by the wayside, and some of us soar to the stars.  And some of us sail through our troubles, and some have to live with our scars.

Pretty apt isn’t it.

Ultimately business success comes down to acquiring clients and delivering on your promises.

To acquire clients we have to follow the circle of marketing, getting our name in front of ideal prospects so they know we exist.

Prospecting to directly reach out to people who could be interested in our solutions.  Sales to bring them on board.  Relationships where we keep expanding our offering with each client.

Receiving referrals and recommendations and back to marketing.

It’s never ending circle and the only way your business will continue to grow.

Now I realise getting a steady stream of your ideal clients isn’t everyone’s forte.  So if you’re the leader of a professional services firm who is already doing well and wants to increase your client load, give me a call.  Our MPS Client Advantage system specifically caters to firms who deliver complex, high value service.

Contact me at revealedresources.com to initiate a confidential discussion.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.


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