I’ll never forget one of the core messages drilled into me by a multi-millionaire mentor.

No matter what business you think you’re in, you’re not. You’re actually in the business of marketing your business. Because with no marketing you will have no business.Referral Magnet

In other words – your number one job is marketing!

Over the years I’ve heard countless business owners moan about not having enough cash-flow. They’re struggling to pay the bills. And when I ask what “marketing” they’re doing they tell me they can’t afford any!

If this is you, forget throwing money against a wall in the form of untargeted advertising and hoping some of it brings in clients. There are diamonds right beneath your feet. In the form of referrals.

Referrals are not only the cheapest, but absolutely the best form of getting new business.

A.C. Nielson reports a referral is up to 4 times more likely to buy than someone who comes to you cold.

But best-selling author of The Referral Engine, John Jantsch found that 79.9% of businesses have no system for getting referrals.

And frankly, my research would bear this out. If anything I’d say the numbers are even higher.

Which is a crying shame. And a lost opportunity.

So why don’t most people actively ask for referrals?

Fear. Fear of imposing. Fear of seeming pushy. Or needy. Or desperate.

The irony is a satisfied customer would love to give you a referral. If you asked them the right way and at the right time. It’s in our DNA to help others if we feel they deserve it.

But you have to grease the wheel.

The best way is to create a referral kit. Something your referrers can hand out on your behalf to potential clients.

It could be in the form of a free discussion paper which answers common problems in your market and positions you as the expert who can help. It could be an interview where you’re the star, giving the recipient valuable information.

It should contain case studies and testimonials from your satisfied clients. And of course a call to action encouraging them to call you.

Then you need to figure out who to give it to.

Obviously happy customers. Then look for “connectors” – those people who know lots of people in your target market. And of course offer the material as follow ups in any networking you do.

In theory it’s not hard. The question is will you do it.

The fact is I know you’re busy. I also know you’ll say you’ll get around to it. But I bet you won’t.

Here’s how you can increase the number of referrals you get without having to ask for them.

Work with us to create a complete referral system which generates new business consistently to eliminate the feast and famine cycle most small businesses live with.

We will:

  • Determine who your ideal clients are. What you do for them. What they love about you.We’ll do this through a combination of you telling us who you love to work with and then we’ll interview them as to why they came to you and what results they’ve received.
  • Create unique case studies and testimonialsOur comprehensive client interview system gives you great feedback as well as testimonials you use as social proof that your solution delivers results.Over the years we’ve conducted hundreds of interviews. What stands out is many interviewees state they’d love to give referrals – but often don’t know how to without seeming pushy or appearing to presume issues in the referee’s life.Other clients report the interview process jogs clients into providing a referral as they’re reminded of the great service they’ve been provided with.

    However, in every case providing your clients and other referral sources with a “referral lead magnet” will increase the number of referrals you receive.

  • Identify your advocates and promoters. People who know people in your target market and will promote you. You will know exactly how to approach them, what tools they’ll need to help promote you.
  • Create a reward system for successful referrers.While many referrers will not want a reward, appreciation goes a long way. You will have a system to ensure no one gets forgotten. And for professionals in your network who do require financial compensation, we’ll work out what’s appropriate.
  • Introduce your referral program to your current clients to gently encourage them to refer you on.
  • Create a referral lead magnet which encourages prospects to call you when referred.No one wants to be sold to. Most want to do their own research before contacting a supplier – even if through a trusted referral.

Designed to position you as the expert, your lead magnet will pique a prospect’s interest by reiterating the problems they’re facing, how you can help solve them, frequently asked questions they may have (or should be asking), testimonials and case studies.

Rather than trying to explain your benefits, referrers can hand this document out in a non-threatening way.

  • Follow Up Material.  Not everyone is ready to buy immediately. Therefore consistent, unobtrusive, non-threating follow up is essential.We’ll give you a system to do just that. And recommend automated tools to help you accomplish it.

The best part of a referral system is it will work on autopilot. It will remove any stress you feel about asking for referrals and you’ll never come across as pushy or desperate again.

For more information and to get started contact us now.

Remember, referrals are absolutely the cheapest and most effective method when it comes to growing your business consistently. So take action now and make this your best year yet.

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