Are you familiar with Steven Covey’s principle of putting big rocks first?BigRocksJar

i.e. Filling a large jar with rocks and sand?

How you need to put in the big rocks first, then the sand. Do it the other way round and you’ll have a lot of sand and no room for the rocks.

It’s the same in business.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day minutia. Fighting fires, keeping the wheels turning while completely missing the big picture.

Here are 3 big rocks you should focus on.

Getting clients. Delivery. And getting paid.

And every one of those has an 80/20 behind it.

20% of your effort will produce 80% of your results.

But which 20%?

Your job as the leader is to figure that out and concentrate on it. Everything else can be outsourced to someone else, be it in your business or externally.

Don’t get caught up in filling in sand at the expense of the big rocks.

Ignore this and you’ll likely end up suddenly wondering where things have gone wrong and have to scramble to correct it.

Want help figuring out your big marketing rocks for 2017?  The ones that will bring in a steady stream of qualified prospects?  Call Rashid on 0414-913-334 to get the flow started.

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