We’ve run a survey on what people would like to see and what help the market place would like to get in regards to creating information/knowledge product.

I thought you might be interested in knowing what we’ve found.

Survey Results

In case you have had any doubts that creating books, courses and other mainly “how to” products would not cover the markets needs, think again.

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46 % of you are primarily delivering services rather than products

46 % are dealing in the B2B space and 40 % in the B2C space

51 % of you would like to move away from trading time for money which means that you should be looking at leverage in your business and/or life

85 % of respondents said that they wanted to move away from trading dollars for hours and create more leverage for themselves

This question covered the different products you would want to create here are the percentages:

Books                          65 %

Manuals                       73 %

Workshops                  73 %

Seminars                      77 %

Ebooks                        71 %

Membership sites          73 %

Online courses              63 %

Teleseminars                 65 %

Webinars                      57 %

It appears to me that there’s a great deal of interest on how to create these different products. The next step for us will be to put together a roadmap for all of on how to go about creating all of this.

The two most “in demand” areas are the technology 63 % and how to market the products 63 %

44 % voted for the “done for you” approach, this is pretty much what we were expecting. It can be quite daunting to get it all done, and not all of us have all the talents one needs to do these things successfully. However there were 44 % of you who are interested in some basic teaching and a blue print or alternatively an online delivery with eclasses etc.

For quite some time we had suspected that teaching what  technology to use and how to go about choosing the right technology. This survey revealed to us that this was an area of concern for many of you.

If you’re struggling with what sort of technology you need to get started drop us a line, we’re more than happy to give you some pointers, just send an email to rashid.kotwal@revealedresources.com


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