If a real prospect came across your website could they immediately figure out what you are about?  Dig deeper, contact you?  Or will they simply bounce away?


You’re at a networking function.  You speak.  Their eyes glaze over and they lose interest.  They could have become a great client, but now you’ll never know.

Either way you both lose out.

You don’t get a client.  They don’t get to solve their problem.

All marketing hinges on clear communication.  Having prospects go, “Gee, I wonder if he could solve my problem.  Let me find out more…”

But you’ve got to evoke interest first and then draw them in.  And that isn’t easy.

Most people get it wrong.  Someone asks what they do and they go into “process”.  We do this, then this and then that.  And bore the pants off the listener who’s really interested in what’s in it for them.

Instead you should talk about outcomes people get working with you.  But please, no dry facts.  Use stories.

“Well, I had a client who was experiencing […] and got [result] working with us.  Then there was another one who accomplished this…

Why this works…

Stories are the oldest form of communication.  Well told ones draw us in, capture our imagination.  “If they got that result, and I’m similar, maybe I’ll get the same”.

Here’s a simple structure you can use.

Story – Point – Benefit

Each story makes a simple point and highlights a benefit to the recipient.  i.e. Client had problem.  We did something (but don’t go into detail or process) and they got an outcome they wanted.

Collect a bank of these that you can select from depending on who you’re in front of and what’s likely to resonate with them.  And once the conversation’s coming to a close, offer them something of value (article, book, video, podcast, free trial) that educates them further.  This gives you a reason to follow up and keep in touch.

Back to your website…

Its initial job is to draw your prospects in, tell your story, and start educating your prospects as to how and why your organisation is best placed to achieve their outcome.

This is generally a multistep process.  You don’t know what your prospect’s level of interest is when they first come across your site.  So it’s imperative you create a mechanism to engage with them, allowing you to further the conversation.

In short, you need to capture their details so you can start that dialogue.  Which is where “lead magnets” come in.

A lead magnet is something you give away in return for your prospect’s details.  Could be an article, video, podcast, quiz, whitepaper or book.

Once you have their details you can initiate further conversations, be it via email, phone or in person.

This lead capture process is critical and missed by the vast majority of service professionals who think “I’ve told them what I do and that’s enough”.

It takes time to build up credibility, authority and trust.  Your follow up system accomplishes this by gently educating prospects about their issue, possible solutions and why they should choose you.

Then, when they’re ready to buy, you’ll get the call.

Need help putting a system like this together?  Call Rashid on 0414-913334.

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