You sell a SAAS service and have just received a lead asking for a demo.  What you do next is crucial to winning the business.

One of the biggest mistakes we see (and train our clients out of making) is agreeing!

“What?”  I hear you saying… surely you want to show case your wares – isn’t that how someone will decide to buy?

The answer is an emphatic “NO”.

At this point you have no idea of what their problem is.  What they want to solve and why.  You have no idea if they’re even a qualified prospect who you’re going to spend time with.

And by succumbing to a demo you have no idea what to focus on – what parts of your system will solve their issues.

As a result risk doing the demonstration, have them smile politely and even ask questions, but then have it go nowhere.

BTW, the same goes for your website where you offer a free trial or demonstration.  Ask yourself how many times you’ve signed up for something and then done absolutely nothing.  Either because you got sidetracked – or the system was so complex you had no idea where to start and then gave up.

Given this your role is to go in naked.  No pitch whatsoever.  Ask questions as to why they’re interested and what they want to achieve.  Delve deep.  And understand that there is a huge difference between a technically interested buyer and someone who wants to achieve a business outcome.

I’ll cover this in another article.

In the meantime, if you’d like my help to become both more efficient and effective in selling your SAAS service, drop me a line.stop

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