If you sell technical solutions one of the biggest mistakes is to sell your technology.  Huh?  But surely that’s what your clients are buying?

They’re not!

Over 30 years working with technology suppliers I see this time and time again.  And it’s quite understandable.  You’ve worked hard to create something with a bunch of bells and whistles.  It may well be best of breed at what it does.

So it obviously attracts the technical people in your buyers’ organization.

What’s the problem with that?

Ultimately no serious business buys technology for the sake of it.

Given this you must elevate yourself from playing tech to creating a business case for change.

The “business” buys to solve a problem – generally to save money, time or add to the bottom line profits.  The Tech is just an enabler.

Which leads to a completely higher level of thinking and sales conversations.

Which is not something  many tech companies are good at.  Not being able to effectively communicate business value will see your deals stall.

And if it doesn’t stop there.  Recent research from the people who wrote the “Challenger Sale” shows that there are 5.4 groups involved in every buying decision – so you need to understand each of their perspectives – what they’re looking for if you’re to succeed.

So if you’re a technically based organization who wants to ramp up your sales to large organizations, I can help.  I have extensive experience dealing with multiple stakeholders and building business cases.

Pick up the phone – +61 414 913 334 or email me at rk@revealedresources.com.

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