Last week coaching a technical team moving into sales roles, I stressed their job was to bring insights to clients. Highlight issues clients might not know they have – yet!

That they needed to bring all their technical and life experience and expertise to bear rather than thinking “selling” was some foreign concept.

In short, be a trusted advisor!

And not compare themselves to other successful salespeople in the organisation who might have been in the role for years.

Ultimately, we buy from people – not organisations. Most often when comparing one salesperson with another it comes down to the level of trust you engender.

So my message to them (and you) is be yourself. Be authentic. Play to your strengths. Bring all your expertise and past experience to the table.

Having said that, you absolutely do need an overall sales structure which everyone follows. Where you identify issues, delve into them, navigate buying roles and move the sale forward.

And you can be creative within this. Bring your personality out rather than trying to copy someone else whom you believe is successful.

For example, one team member is very introverted and was comparing himself to another veteran he believed was a raging extrovert. Then believing he wouldn’t be successful as he couldn’t emulate the other person.

The relief on his face was palpable when I said some of the most successful sales people I know are quiet, unassuming people who listen more than talk. Who build trusted relationships where clients come to them for advice.

So be yourself as you can’t be anyone else anyway!

Wrapping up, if you or your team would like to increase your persuasion and influencing skills – be it with people internal to your organisation, or selling your services, I have programs to suit.

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