Sales Mastery Program

The Sales Mastery program is designed to help businesses who sell high value products or services either B2B or B2C to consistently close more profitable business.

Is this you?

You deliver Professional Services Consulting, manufacture or import high value equipment or construct buildings.

You are technically at the top of your field. You have grown organically and now want to accelerate your growth.

However, you recognise sales isn’t your major strength and acknowledge you need a system which will enable you to attract, convert and retain profitable high value clients.

These are the major modules in the program.

How to prospect for more business

While Marketing’s job is to provide you with qualified leads, there are times when you need to prospect directly for new business.

You’ll learn how to research your prospects before reaching out to them.

We’ll cover exactly how to conduct an initial phone conversation, how to follow up and engage gatekeepers to help you.

Determining Buyer Needs

Your clients buy products or services to solve problems.

Your job is to uncover these and demonstrate how you can solve them, both on an emotional and logical level.

So to make a sale you must:

  1. Learn what they want to achieve.
  2. Show them how your product and service gives it to them.

Conducting Successful Sales Meetings

How you frame and structure sales meetings contributes over 80% towards your success.

You will control the agenda and quickly establish your credibility as a key person who can solve your prospect’s issues.

Eliciting Values & Buying Criteria

All truly great salespeople do two things exceptionally well.

  1. They understand all buying decisions are emotionally based
    i.e. What does the prospect have to gain or lose. And second, how or to whom will they justify their decisions based on logical criteria.
  2. They ask insightful questions
    Questions specifically related to figuring out exactly what’s important to their prospects when it comes to the solution they’re looking for, and why.  Questions designed to focus their prospects’ minds. To elicit evidence criteria for success. i.e. How will the prospect know they’ve got the solution they were looking for.

Given this, you will master a methodology which elicits a prospect’s motivation, buying criteria, value system, goals and aspirations. What they want and what they want to avoid.

You’ll communicate your value and differentiate yourself from your competition eliminating price comparisons.

Dealing with Multiple Stake Holders

Many sales situations require you to deal with multiple parties involved in the decision making process.

Identifying the players and successfully navigating the maze of overt and often hidden agendas is key to your success.

Negotiating, handling common objections and closing

We’ll explore how to overcome common objections in your market, avoid getting your price pushed down, get paid earlier and make money the lowest priority issue for your clients.

Again, you’ll get specific scripting and a step-by-step process.

Creating proposals and answering tenders

All winning proposals follow a set template which maximises acceptance.

You’ll learn how to prepare a preliminary proposal designed to get conceptual agreement from your client.

Your final proposal then becomes an agreement which details value, methodology and payment terms.

How is the program delivered?

The program is tailored directly to your specific selling situation.

We use a combination of training and individualised coaching. We encourage you to record sales calls so we can provide direct feedback.

Where possible we may accompany you on sales calls.

What are the results you can expect?

We fully expect you to both increase the number of deals you close as well as the sale value.

By using our structured approach coupled with our marketing system, many of our clients have achieved this.

Here are four examples.

The Right Group (Investment property buyers) doubled their original fees from $3,300 to $6,600 with minimal pushback and no loss of clients. They now charge around $9,900 per property they locate and business is booming.

John Corrigan successfully sold a coaching program valued at $23,000 into Catholic High Schools. He now charges $75,000 by becoming more effective in his sales process.

Kemppi Welding Australia became the second most profitable subsidiary worldwide after improving their selling skills. In addition they experienced their highest ever monthly sales results after we trained their staff for National Manufacturing Week 2010.

Heraeus Kulzer imports dental equipment. We helped them grow from $3M/year to $11.5M by setting in place foundational sales strategies.

Will you be next?