Sales Intensive

For Consultants, Coaches or Professional Services Firms who 

Sell high value products and services & deal with multiple stakeholders
& decision makers...

Sales is the art of showing prospects what’s possible. How their business and lives will improve with your help. 

The goal of this intensive program is to equip you with the principles, mindset, tools and techniques to become an expert influencer who efficiently leads your prospects to buying decisions in everyone’s favour.

These sessions are highly interactive and designed to help you:

  • Drill down into your value proposition. 
    We buy to solve problems and achieve aspirations. You'll articulate what your clients really want - in terms of both tangible and emotional outcomes allowing you to effectively communicate your value proposition in terms your prospects resonate with.
  • Build and maintain a solid pipeline of qualified prospects.
    There are 2 types of prospects in your market. Those that are actively looking for a solution and those that aren’t. The latter pool is significantly larger and could be interested if they were alerted to the issues they’re facing and positive results from working with you. We’ll cover how to identify and reach out to prospects to generate interest, qualify and start engaging with them in impactful sales conversations which lead to more deals.
  • Frame & Lead Sales Conversations. 
    People buy from people.  Your prospects are looking to you for leadership.  They want to know who you are as a person as well as your expertise and experience.  That you can bring ideas to the table, find solutions to their problems and give sound advice. They must trust in your capability to deliver on your promises. Your role is to help your prospects fully understand their issues, the impact of not solving them and what results they’d get if did.  Then lead them to a buying decision.
  • Deal with Multiple Stakeholders. 
    Most buying decisions involve multiple stakeholders and influencers. We’ll work on how you network to identify each (obvious and sometimes hidden stakeholders), navigate the buyer’s organisation and negotiate with each individual to ensure you understand their agendas which either progress or could kill the sale.
  • Objection Handling & Negotiation. 
    Objections generally arise because value hasn’t been established or a prospect is unclear about some aspect of your solution.  You’ll identify common “objections” and pre-frame these as part of your conversation. You’ll also practice how to find out the real cause of an objection and handle it.
  • How to handle demonstrations and trials
    Most demonstrations and trials are unfocused.  You’ll learn to drill down and focus on exactly what your prospects are interested in so that the sale moves forward.
  • How to write & deliver effective proposals
    Sent off a proposal and then heard "crickets"? We'll cover exactly how to first write and then present proposals the right way (it's not what you think).
  • Pricing Negotiation.
    How to confidently state your price and negotiate without giving away the farm and destroying your profit margin.
  • Virtual Selling Skills.
    Virtual selling is here to stay. While many buyers will go back into the office – they’ll do so less frequently and will want to spend less time meeting vendors face to face. We’ll cover how to become adept at effectively handling virtual sales meetings.

John baird - revio cyber security

John Baird of Revio Cyber Security offers a wide range of security consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help protect your business. 

Alan Paul - sourceit

Alan Paul from Sourceit provides marketing procurement technology which enables their clients to reduce costs and become more productive and efficient in how they go to market and source their suppliers

What, Where and How:

Our Sales Intensive includes:

  1. 6 x 60 minute online sessions focused on building your buyer focused sales funnel and engagement strategy.
  2. 2 x 30 minute sales call reviews – where we give feedback on a specific sales conversation
  3. Recordings of all online Advisory Sessions for you to keep
  4. Your personal shared online workbook to capture all the learnings and action items
  5.  “Homework” and assignments between sessions
  6.  Unlimited email support between session to clarify previous points, provide feedback and answer specific questions

Your Investment:  

Your investment per person is $3,000 + GST 


If you'd prefer an inhouse set of sessions, let me know and I'll tailor it to your specific requirements.

Contact Rashid on 0414 913 334 to book in

Ramzi Kattan & Mahesh shastry - embedded logic solutions

Ramzi Kattan owns Embedded Logic Solutions which supplies a diverse range of technical solutions for PCB and other high end electronic equipment including 3D printers.  Their clients are predominantly Universities, Laboratories and Government organisations.

Alex james - resrodel

Alex provides sophisticated software and consulting in workforce management space.  His clients are enterprise level and Government where there are large projects where personnel usage needs to be optimized.

Michael rebiffe - Iq Gecko

Michael owns IQ Gecko - a data and technology s/w provider who works primarily with multi location and franchise groups to provide amongst other things, loyal programs.

Jai Gill- Inflection point

"Your boot camp has 'Claws' - attending gave me traction and specific actions that I can take to reboot my business.  The material and tools Rashid & Barbara share, combined with their unique personal experience accumulated over two decades makes for a well thought out boot camp series that any professional services firm would benefit from.  In addition the collaborative discussions with other participants provided positive outcomes for all" 

Michael Bellstedt, Managing Director, Minus 40

“I’ve been in business for more than two decades and have had my fair share of ups and downs, failures as well as successes. I can only say that attending this program was incredibly valuable and opened my eyes and my mind to ways of running a business I had not considered before.” 

Marlon De Cruz, Director, Bistec Global Services

“The program gave me really good strategies and processes to connect better and more deeply with our clients. It also taught me new ways on how to get a clearer and more concise message out into the market place.”  

Frank Choy, Capstone Consulting

“Rashid and Barbara challenged my thinking and opened my mind to new ways of approaching client acquisition. I can whole heartedly say that this was time well spent and I have learned a lot to use in my marketing and sales.  I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to improve their skills in winning and retaining clients.” 

Marian Smith, The Barra Group

“I have a background in recruitment, outplacing, coaching and a degree in psychology, not business.  This program opened my eyes to what I need to do and gave me a process I can follow to get my acquisition system into gear, and my offers out into the market place.”  

Contact Rashid on 0414 913 334 to book in