Do you struggle to connect with the right prospects? And when you do, find it difficult to drill down into their issues and move the sale forward.

Your prospects make all the right noises.  The sale appears to be track.  Then suddenly stalls for no "apparent" reason.

Or you send out proposals and follow up, only to receive no response? 

Frustrated, you wonder where you've gone wrong and what you could do better next time.

Every sales process has a critical path.  The essential steps that take a prospect from initial interest to becoming a client. Think of it as the 80/20 of sales.  Get the critical 20% right and you'll outsell 80% of your competition.

Small hinges swing big doors.

Having trained and coached hundreds of business owners and their salespeople in over 55 industries we've seen certain issues come up time and time again.  Often it takes only a small tweak to significantly improve your results.

The Elite Sales Mastery Program

This is a bespoke program which will equip you with the principles, mindset, tools and techniques to become an expert influencer who efficiently leads your prospects to buying decisions. 

  • You'll master the essential steps to take your prospects from initial interest to becoming a loyal client. We'll help you refine your value proposition, differentiate yourself from the competition, and develop calling scripts and approaches that generate positive interest from your prospects.

  • You'll embody the principles involved in framing and successfully leading sales conversations.  Drilling down into issues and providing insights as to how your clients could improve results.

  • You'll develop and use visual models which convey the transformational journey your clients can expect.

  • Most B2B sales involve multiple influencers and stakeholders.  You'll Identify and prioritize key stakeholders involved in the buying decision and identify who has the most influence and decision-making power so you prioritize your outreach efforts and tailor your messaging to address their specific needs and pain points.

How is the program structured?

Our program is tailored to your specific circumstances. We start by diagnosing your most pressing issues, those that if you quickly solve will give you the best bang for your buck. 

We'll deliver our sessions face to face or via Zoom, and the frequency and duration are dependent on your timeframe and how much bandwidth you can allocate. Our goal is to have you implement, not just learn more stuff!

Who Is This Best Suited For?

Our program is best suited for:

  • Professional Consultants:  IT Specialists, Financial Planners, Accountants, Engineers etc.
  • Partners of professional services firms
  • Business owners and leaders of small to mid-sized organizations with 5 to 100 employees.

If you think the program might be right for you, we'll set up a 30-45-minute meeting to answer any questions you may have and make sure the program is the right fit for you and your business. We won't use any heavy-handed selling techniques or apply any pressure to join the program.