Does bedside manner matter in sales?

This might seem like a question more suited to your doctor, so bear with me.

In any sales situation there is natural tension between the buyer and the salesperson.

No prospect wants to be confronted by a salesperson who arrogantly assumes they know what’s best and tries to foister a solution onto them. They want to be allowed to buy, not be sold to.

So as the salesperson treat people with respect and empathy.

Start with the adage, “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them”.

Look through their eyes.  What are their issues and challenges?  Their goals and aspirations?

Be empathetic and deeply understand them.

And if and only if you genuinely believe you have a solution respectfully and with conviction lead them to it.

Explain how your solution will help them get where they want to be and because we all make emotional buying decisions and then justify them with logical reasons, make sure you cover off both logical and emotional payoffs.

Tell them you’d love to work with them.  What would be involved.  What it costs.  And ask them when they’d like to start.

The essence of sales is not about being arrogant or pushy.  It’s about having quiet conviction, business posture and faith in your own ability to provide valuable service.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.

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