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How to Reduce Sales Friction


Close Deals Faster 

Sell high value services often involving multiple stakeholders?

Are you finding it's taking longer for people to make decisions - and get deals across the line?

Maybe you've had "promising" deals which ended up going nowhere? Been frustrated at the time, money and effort you've put in, all for nought?

If you're experiencing this... I'd like to invite you to our next REDUCING SALES FRICTION webinar on Tuesday 18th January 2022 - at 4PM - AEST.

This is an INTERACTIVE session - we'll DRILL DOWN with one participant into the real issues your buyer is facing and have them determine the true impact and need to fix it. (They won’t buy unless this happens).

We'll discuss:

  • How to avoid a common mistake which could have you irritate your prospects, shutting them down.
  • How to create sales momentum which encourages prospects to move forward
  • One of 3 commitments you must have to keep your sale alive.

This session is especially applicable to organisations who sell high value products and services in a B2B space where there are multiple decision makers involved (which is now the norm).

What past attendees say...

I was extremely pleased with Rashid's approach to marketing and sales process. Rashid ensures that his clients have a very clear picture why, what and how things are to be done.

Rashid took me through the process, leading and educating at the same time.

If you need someone to support you in your challenges with marketing and sales, I would strongly recommend Rashid.

Tony Palechek

I recently attended one of Revealed Resources' webinars hosted by Rashid & Barbara. I came with few expectations but left blown away by the content - a one hour exercise in speed learning of some very powerful marketing principles.

Topics covered ranged from (in no particular order) case studies, leveraging you IP, positioning yourself, how to get referrals, the difference between push & pull strategies (you want to be a "puller").

If you are a business professional this may be be the best one-hour you've spent in a long long time!

Don't miss out on this incredible free opportunity! Thanks Rashid on Barbara on a marketing strategies tour de force! 

Nadish Naoroji

Rashid's webinars are great! I have known him for over 15 years, initially when we were both learning marketing together - direct response marketing. Y

The webinar was a great refresher for me - there were 3 strategies I knew about, but was not following! All were about business growth, an area where Rashid has few peers.

Toby Marshall

"Thank you for the presentation. I've been on many a sales course and I've never seen one like this. It's been absolutely detailed and beautiful.".

John Howard

About Your Hosts - Rashid Kotwal & Barbara Sauter

Most innovation comes from outside your own industry or sphere!

Our 20 years working in senior corporate management and sales positions in Australia and Europe combined with over two decades running our own consultancy enables us to bring a body of knowledge and experience to your table.

Since 2000, we’ve coached and mentored business owners in over 45 industries wanting scale their operations to increase revenue and profit.

Industries we’ve covered include professional services, manufacturing, IT and construction.