It’s a simple project. It shouldn’t be that hard. But it’s turning out to be just that.teleprompter

I want to build a simple teleprompter. For those of you unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, a teleprompter displays text in front of a video camera so the presenter can read while looking directly at the lens (and the audience).

In my case it’s a simple picture frame with glass screwed to a wooden base and hinged at 45 degrees. A tablet sits on the base and the writing reflects on the glass. Put this in front of the camera and you’re done.

Easy in concept. And it took me about 45 minutes to create a prototype. But without the right tools I can’t make a decent “robust” structure.

So I’ve asked a friend who’s a professional handyman to help out with his tools.

All of which got me thinking of the parallels between a home project and building a business.

You have a vision for your business. You know what you want to achieve in concept. But the devil is in the detail and execution.

Marketing is no different.

Conceptually simple. In practice, often incredibly complex and confusing.

Between choosing exactly who your market is, what message will make them sit up and take action, how to in front of them and the myriad technological choices, it’s not surprising most heads spin.

The result is you may do nothing. Or if you do something, be very inefficient – both in terms of effort and dollars.

And what’s that costing you?

How much more business could you get in if you bit the bullet and hired an expert to help you?

Someone who can figure out exactly what you want and has the right tools to get the job done.

As a mentor of ours is fond of saying, “Pay once, cry once”. Just get it done.

Here’s just one comment from a client.

“Rashid, you’re killing us. In a good way”, he laughed. “We’ve now got so much work on we’re fully booked for January next year. And we need you to turn the tap off”.

It’s the sort of phone call I love. Dylan Hughes owns Dragon Fire Services. They install and service commercial fire systems in shopping centres, hospitals, offices and large strata buildings.

Over the last year we’ve set up a complete marketing funnel. The advertising we run brings in 3 to 4 good quality leads PER DAY. Jobs ranging from a couple of thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the most interesting was being asked to tender for a new fire system for the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Dragon are just one of a string of clients we’ve helped grow over the years. You can read about more of them here. Will you be next?

How to Get a FREE Business Acceleration Call With Rashid in January.

During the month of January, we’re doing something new. We’re offering free coaching calls to businesses that want them. On these calls, we’ll map out a blueprint for your sustained growth using our proven framework.

We’ll map out your lead generation system and a rough outline of your High-Ticket Sales Process. At the end of your session you’ll have a complete roadmap for your marketing and business growth that, when implemented will give you the ability to grow more and more, with less and less

of your personal effort, energy and time.

So why would we do this? Two reasons. First, we’re serious about helping MANY more businesses this year sustainably grow regardless of external economic circumstances.

Second, we know that a percentage of people who have one of these sessions with me will want to become a client of our Business Acceleration program to get year-long support implementing the plan we develop. But don’t worry, this isn’t a sales pitch in disguise. We’ll be 100% focused on you, your business and on developing a customised plan just for you.

All I ask is that you meet our important, but reasonable requirements.

First, you must have been in business for at least 2 years and had some success selling what you sell (meaning you’ve hit the $100,000 mark), or this is your second or third business and you’ve been to that level before and are ramping up to get back there… in other words, you’re experienced.

Second, you’re selling professional services of some kind (Finance, IT, Business Coaching, Allied Health etc.), or high value equipment (manufacturing etc.) as opposed to commodity retail products.

Third, you’ve got an open mind to new approaches to growing your business.

And, fourth, you pay a small, refundable “skin in the game” deposit of $100. The reason for this is simply to ensure these sessions go to people who really want them and who will show up and take them seriously. You’ll get 100% of your deposit back when you show up for your session. (Trust me, we’re not interested in keeping your 100 bucks.)

At the end of the call one of three things is going to happen.

#1) You’ll take the plan I create for you and decide to implement it yourself. If that’s the case, I’ll be happy to have helped you and I’ll ask that you stay in touch and keep me appraised of your progress.

#2) You’ll decide that the plan I create for you is great and you want help putting it into place. If that’s the case I’ll be happy to discuss what that looks like if you want to become a client.

#3) In the unlikely event you feel like it was a complete waste of your time I’ll send $150 for wasting your time.

If all of that sounds good and you want to get my help for free, you can start the process by emailing Rashid on or call 0414-913-334.

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