Every gardener knows there’s a lag between planting and harvest.  Which is exactly the same in sales.  Your activity today will reap clients in the future.  Do nothing today and your future will reflect it.

It’s coming up to the silly season.  Some people will be winding down, looking forward to the break.  Others will be sprinting to close as many deals as possible before the end of the year.

Our minds are wonderful and treacherous simultaneously.  We allow ourselves to justify not doing what we need to do now and provide ourselves a never ending list of reasons why someone won’t take action.

So you might tell yourself, “Everyone’s busy.  No one will take my call or schedule a meeting”.  Which is an awful generalisation.

There are equally (if not more) people who are actively planning next year and open to new perspectives (which you provide) re how to achieve their business goals.

And in case you’re thinking, “I’ll wait till January”, rationalising “They’ve only just got back to work”, why wait?

If you could add value to them now, surely it makes sense to do so – rather than wait?

What you do today will have major ramifications next year.  So stop making excuses to yourself.

The opportunities you create now could see you either make your break your growth targets.

On a related note, now is the time to create your growth strategy for 2022.

We’re working with our clients ensuring they have a stable foundation for growth, creating an asset from their business to achieve a level of financial wealth and freedom.

Remember, success comes from careful planning and execution.  Fail to plan and you leave yourself open to chance.

In December, we’re offering a limited number of Strategy Days where we do a deep dive into your business and plan your 2022 strategy in respect to sales growth.

Contact me on 0414 913 334 for more details.



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