In business there’s only so much you can do alone.

Ultimately, your business will only grow if there’s leverage.  Which comes from people.

Sustained growth and profitability comes from staff who are cooperative, collaborate, are reliable,  stable and pull in the same direction.  People who want to come to work as they feel they’re making a contribution.  Which means productivity goes up.

Over 40 years in industry I’ve had the privilege of working with some great leaders.

Ultimately, leadership is the ability to influence others towards the accomplishment of a goal.  Leadership is intimately tied up with motivating and influencing others to come on a journey with you.

When working with leadership teams we help leaders create an environment where people want to belong.  In business this means creating a space where people share common values and beliefs.  Feel included.  Are given responsibility and authority to make decisions and trusted to do their jobs.

Which means you must put in the right structure.

As a leader you’re responsible for defining your vision and purpose.  Where you want to go and why.  Ideally your purpose should be something bigger than yourself.  Something that will inspire people to come with you.  Both your employees and your customers.

Define your identity as an organisation.  What you stand for.  What won’t you accept.

The values and beliefs that underpin you and your organisation.  You could say integrity and honesty. But do your behaviours reflect this?  Just think of some of our major financial institutions ripping of thousands of their clients.

And finally, the environment you foster.  Not just physical but emotional and psychological.  Is it a safe space free from bullying and discrimination?  Can people speak out respectfully without fear or favour?

In subsequent articles I’ll cover these topics in more depth.  How you define and communicate your vision and purpose.  Decide on your identity as an organisation with the values and beliefs that underpin it.

As well as how to hire the right people and create an environment where people want to come to work.

However, these tips are generic.

If you want to significantly grow your business and recognise improving your leadership is key, reach out.  We’ll have a confidential discussion and if warranted, put together a program to help you and your team develop as leaders, resulting in higher profitability for your business.

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