Need to bring in sales dollars immediately? Want to get your prospects to make a quick decision and buy?Limited Time Offer

Utilise these two basic human emotions.

  • We all love a bargain.
  • And we fear missing out on a good deal.

Here’s a direct example we created for a client who imports machinery.

It demonstrates real scarcity (limited stock – so you may miss out if you don’t act quickly) and the bargain (prices will rise for new stock).




“Save up to 24.1% on [machinery they supply]

But only if you order before current stock runs out!

Due to the drop in the Australian Dollar exchange rate, our buy price for [machinery] has increased.

We’ve held our prices till now, but commercial reality rears its ugly head and we have to pass these costs on.

Prices of [machinery] are set to immediately rise by up to 24.1% for new stock coming into the country!

So now’s your chance to buy your [machinery] from our current stock and save big!

We only have limited stock of each item so I have included a list of types, current price you’ll pay and the new price going forward should you not act fast.

This offer is first come, first served. We’ll process items in the order we receive purchase orders. No exceptions.

You snooze, you lose.”

You can use a similar formula whether you’re selling places in a course, retail items or high end services where you have limited time and number of participants.

The key though is to use real scarcity. If there’s a deadline, stick to it. People soon suss out false incentives and you’ll immediately lose trust.

Looking for ways to ramp up sales quickly? Contact us and we’ll create promotions for you to do exactly that.

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