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Masterclass Intensive - Series

Professional services firms, Consultants, Coaches, SAAS and IT services providers…

“Maximise Your Sales Results In 2021 

And gain more money, time and freedom while remaining authentic to your true self and never resorting to sleazy sales tricks and techniques.

Dear Fellow Professional

Are you attracting all the clients you want?  Making the money you feel you deserve given the value you provide and the difference you can make?

Or are you unhappy with where you’re at.  You feel you’re doing a lot of work but not getting the recognition and reward – read money in the bank.

I’m sure you got into business to make a difference.  For yourself as well as your clients.

But you can’t do so unless you can effectively sell your services and make a profit.

Which brings me to a common situation I’ve seen many a professional face.

They love delivery but hate the thought of selling themselves.

They feel icky and would love just having clients call up ready to do business.

Can you relate?

Maybe you feel  “Pushy, fake, or forceful”.  Being stuck between wanting to help but not wanting to sell.

Let me put a counter point.  In our world, “selling is serving”.  And we have to go out and find the people we can best help.  To do otherwise is doing both them and us a disservice.

Master Coach, Chris Coffey puts it every eloquently...

“It’s as though professionals are waiting for some mystical being to descend to earth and gift them with clients.  That’s not how this works.  They have to go out and find clients.  They need to sit down and talk to them.”

“You have to understand,” Chris said, “…that selling is helping.  Once you know they have a need that your services solve, and at a budget you can both agree on, it is your ethical duty to complete the sale and help this person get their outcomes.”

Do One or More of These Ring True For you?

  • You're frustrated.  You know you do great work but you're not getting traction in your market - so you're not attracting enough of the clients you'd love to work with.
  • You’re not crystal clear on who you serve best and the value you add.
  • Your market is confused about exactly what you do and how you can help.  And a confused prospect never buys.
  • You don’t know how to differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • You doubt your value and what you bring to the table.
  • You’re bombarded with new “marketing techniques”, social media etc. and are thoroughly confused as to what route to take.  So you go round in circles avoiding decisions.
  • Sales is not your forte and you’re paralysed by the thought of having to reach out to people you don’t know.
  • You’ve never learned the art, science and practice of ethical, integrity-based persuasive written and spoken conversation.

Ultimately you got into business to make more money, have more time, possibly get a level of recognition re your expertise and develop a great lifestyle for you and your family.

All of which takes money.  Money to buy assets which over time grow, giving you choices.  Financial freedom.  Knowing your money will outlast you.  The choice to give back to your community and leave a legacy.

And you want to achieve this doing work you love with people you like.

Here’s how we can help you achieve this…

Introducing the “Client Acquisition”

Master Class Intensive Series

This masterclass series is specifically for Professional services firms, Consultants, Coaches, Engineers, SAAS and IT services providers who provide high value services to either a B2B or B2C market, and who dislike (or even hate) the thought of selling.

Working together over 12 weeks you’ll implement our proven system for marketing, prospecting and selling high value services....

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • How to sell at a strategic versus tactical level – completely separating yourself from your competition.
  • Mindset shifts which boost your results.
  • Defining exactly who your ideal clients are.
  • Clearly articulating your message so it attracts them.
  • Positioning yourself as the trusted expert.
  • How to clearly communicate your unique value.
  • How to create and maintain a steady flow of qualified leads.
  • How fearlessly reach out to prospects in a warm way that makes you an invited guest.
  • How to frame a sales conversation so your prospects buy into your solution.
  • How to develop a referral network.

"Your masterclass has 'Claws' - attending gave me traction and specific actions that I can take to reboot my business.  The material and tools Rashid & Barbara share, combined with their unique personal experience accumulated over two decades makes for a well thought out masterclass series that any professional services firm would benefit from.

In addition the collaborative discussions with other participants provided positive outcomes for all" Jai Gill.

The client acquisition masterclasses Rashid and Barbara run challenged my thinking and opened my mind to new ways of approaching client acquisition.

Given that I am in the middle of redesigning and updating my website, the timing was perfect.

This 12 week masterclass covered a number of very important areas such as empathy for your clients, and how to intimately understand their world.  The impact of creating a coherent and attractive sales, prospecting and marketing message.

Rashid was very clear that although all 3 activities, marketing, prospecting and selling are all crucial when it comes to running and in particular growing the business, the most important of all is sales and this truth was spelt out very clearly throughout the 12 sessions. As a CFO I found this was refreshing to hear. Not focusing on sales effectiveness is one of the most common mistakes I see business owners make.

I can whole heartedly say that this was time well spent and I have learned a lot to use in my marketing and sales.  I highly recommend these masterclasses for anyone looking to improve their skills in winning and retaining clients.

Frank Choy, Captone Consulting

As a result you’ll have the mindset, building blocks, plan and tools to create your client acquisition system going into 2021!


You’ll have a strong, clear value proposition that cuts through, getting the attention of your ideal clients.


Due to your authority positioning at the top of your market, clients will sell themselves on wanting to work with you, without quibbling about price.


You’ll feel confident in your ability to sell your services.  Having great conversations where there’s an exchange of value.  So when you present a solution, your prospects readily buy into it.


The majority of your sales meetings will lead to new, profitable business.


You know you’ll hit your growth and profit objectives.

I’ve been in business for more than two decades and have had my fair share of ups and downs, failures as well as successes.

 “You never stop learning” this certainly is true when it comes to the 12 Masterclasses run by Rashid Kotwal.

The program was mainly about acquiring more clients. it also delved into the areas such as business posture, using your experience and expertise to position yourself as a specialist in your field.

There are a couple of things that really intrigued me...

I could consider  offering a guarantee on my work. It is somewhat a scary thought but the benefits could be worthwhile. I really want to think about more deeply. Not only is it a clear differentiator between my offerings and the offerings of my competitors, but more so it clearly implies that I stand behind my knowledge and expertise, and back myself.

Contacting and speaking to current and former clients, ask for feedback and insights as to what we’re doing well, how we could improve and most importantly what else they’d like us to do for them. Again, there are multiple benefits with this approach.

It provides a reason to pick up the phone and start a conversation with previous clients, you might pick up a new job, which I actually did.

Checking in with existing clients how they feel the project is going and opening up the opportunity for another project.

Finding out what else the market needs and want, which can open up new offerings to the business.

I can only say that attending these 12 modules was incredibly valuable and opened my eyes and my mind to ways of running a business I had not considered before.

Michael Bellstedt, Managing Director, Minus 40

At times it is really important to go back to basics, such as looking at what clients really want.

The 12 module acquisition masterclasses run by Rashid Kotwal, was more than just a refresher for me. It gave me some really good strategies and processes to connect better and more deeply with our clients. It also taught me new ways on how to get a clearer and more concise message out into the market place.

The clarity of message, or messages in our case, is incredibly important, given we are offering a number of different services. It helps us focus describing the pain/problems our clients and prospects are experiencing and outlining a clear path on how we resolve these issues for our clients.

I particularly liked the use of an aspirational ladder, I will use this process from now on it is a very effective way to illustrate the journey we follow to achieve the outcomes for our clients.  It makes it tangible and much easier to understand and explain.

There were some other gems that Rashid shared with us, here are just a few:

  • the demand triangle, helping achieve clarity as to what we do, who we’re doing it for (demographic as well as psychographic, and how the money is made (the traffic and conversion equation)
  • The importance of listening to clients and prospects – motto: me interested not interesting
  • The introduction to the empathy map.

All in all I can honestly say, time well spent.

 Marlon De Cruz –Director, Bistec Global Services

What will 2021 hold for you?

Right now 2021 is an open book.  It’s up to you to take charge and make it as good as it can be. What you do now may have a far bigger impact than you think.

Come and join us:

There are 12, 90 minute group sessions held once per week via Zoom.

While the sessions are led by Rashid & Barbara, being part of a group means you benefit from the combined wisdom of the members.

Contact Rashid on +61 414 913 334 and have a confidential discussion to ensure this series is a good fit for you and to book in. 

I have a background in recruitment, outplacing, coaching and a degree in psychology.

Venturing out on my own and building a business from scratch is a daunting and yet exciting  endeavour.

There’s so much to learn and more importantly to implement and execute.

I knew that selling and marketing, to get a business off the ground and growing was necessary, and this is why I registered for Rashid Kotwal’s Masterclasses.

It was a bit of a wakeup call for me. Realising that acquisition consists of 3 major activities, with are interrelated but quite different in what they need to achieve for the business.

Very quickly I understood that I needed to decide on a niche I wanted to break into, rather than being a jack of all trades and master of none.

It then became a matter of where I had the most experience and a track record, which provided a level of credibility in the market place for people to listen to me and potentially meet with me.

One of the biggest aha moments was that I should talk to former clients and employers to help me work out what I do really well and where they thought my strengths are, and how I added value to their business.

These 12 modules opened my eyes to what I need to do and gave me a process I can follow to get my acquisition system into gear, and my offers out into the market place.

Marian Smith, The Barra Group

I and my business are both young. This is one reason I decided to attend the Selling/Prospecting and Marketing Masterclasses offered by Rashid Kotwal.

When you’re starting out there’s a great deal to learn. One of the biggest challenges is to be confident in your own capabilities, the value you provide to your clients and to be able to turn this into an income.

I found the 12 weeks incredibly useful. It opened my eyes as to what is involved in acquiring clients. I realised that selling, prospecting and marketing are three very distinct activities and yet interconnected. It is all about being clear, concise and consistent in your message to your market.

The most valuable learnings from these masterclasses are:

That I’ve understood that acquisition an ongoing and not a one off activity.

  • Selling is the most important activity in any business and if it stops the business is going backwards
  • The better I qualify my prospects – the easier the selling is going to be
  • Marketing is letting the market know that I exist and what problems I solve.

I now have a brochure that I can hand out to potential clients, which is working quite well, staring to bring in some jobs.

Fabian Bellstedt, Refrigeration Mechanic, Minus 40 Projects