Are You Looking For A Cost Effective Marketing Solution That Brings In A Steady Stream Of New Prospects?

Leads that are pre-disposed to doing business with you – so you convert more opportunities into long term, profitable business.

You offer a great product or service. Your customers and clients love doing business with you – the vast majoritymagnet are pleased with you and most stay on as repeat customers.

But finding good leads is an issue.


A proven program for generating more sales leads, that puts YOU in control of your lead generation pipeline.

This lead generation system is perfect for sales scenarios where you’re selling high-end equipment or professional services because it:

  • Allows you to attract more qualified prospects efficiently and at lower cost.
  • Educates prospects about how and why you’re different from all your competitors.
  • Uses a non-threatening, non-confrontational approach. Prospects don’t feel any pressure from a pushy sales person trying to “close” a deal.
  • Prospects qualify themselves in or out without wasting your time
  • Builds trust with potential clients so they feel comfortable engaging with you to discuss what you offer.
  • Nurtures prospects at different stages of the decision-making cycle with appropriate messaging.
  • Generates more sales, for less cost, with less effort.

Who would benefit from this program?

Our clients range from Professional Services Firms (Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Solicitors) to Manufacturers of high end technical equipment.

They all share the following characteristics:

  • They’re technically very competent but don’t have marketing and/or sales expertise
  • They’re already doing well but are frustrated with their inability to get their business to the next level
  • They’re not large enough to have a fully-fledged marketing department and realise they need better systems to consistently attract clients

Here’s what Wayne Goodrich, National Sales Manager of a leading sales automation software provider had to say…

Software is our forte, marketing isn’t.

And while we have around 50% share of the Sales Force Automation System market for Pharma in Australia, we wanted to penetrate the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry with a new version of our swiss_army_knifeproduct.

Our software system forms an integral part of an organisation’s operations and is not a choice made lightly.  As such organisations must trust that we can deliver both now and into the future.

Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter from Revealed Resources created a multi-touch, multi-sequence, multi-media methodology that specifically targets our prospects and brings them into the sales funnel…  A combination of marketing material which includes a White Paper specifically targeted at National Sales Managers, Video Interviews and Case Studies with customers, a Multi-Media Sales Presentation and Follow Up Material. 

In addition they showed us how testimonials and case studies are an ideal technique to overcome resistance and develop trust in our market. 

And they didn’t stop there.  They actually worked with us to interview our clients (on video) and create testimonials and case studies which were then used in our outgoing marketing material as well as our web-site. 

But most importantly, Rashid and Barbara helped us focus on what was important.  They provided an excellent sounding board when it came to marketing and business development advice. 

Together they provide a rare combination of both strategic and practical advice.  Advice that is bringing us new business as we speakWayne Goodrich, Manager Sales, Perenso, Sydney

What makes us different?

We focus on strategy before tactics.

Many businesses we come across take a purely knee-jerk approach to marketing.

Sales are down this month, so they panic and try a new promotion to get business in the door. Most times these fail and just end up costing time and money for very little or no result.

By focusing on creating an overall marketing strategy, we take an integrated, holistic approach to lead generation, sales conversion, retention and growth.

We then work out specific tactics to achieve the results you’re after and only then, start the implementation process.

We work in a hybrid coach-consultant role.

Clients value our strategic advice. We act as a sounding board and have often saved clients from going down rat holes and wasting significant time and money.

Our industry contact rolodex means we can put you in touch with a variety of trusted service providers.

Our expertise in on-line technology allows us to recommend solutions that leverage your efforts. These range from CRM systems to highly sophisticated lead nurturing, follow-up and automatic response systems.

And we don’t stop with just telling you what to do.

We actually roll up our sleeves and help you implement.

Here’s some of the marketing collateral we have created for clients. Collateral that fits within the strategy and has been used to generate literally millions of dollars for clients.

And we don’t stop there…

We can train and coach you and your staff in our Sales Mastery System so you convert more prospects into long term, profitable clients.

If you’d like to know more about how you can be a better marketer of your services, and start making the impact you’ve always wanted to make, start by downloading your copy of  

“24 Proven Marketing Strategies To Get And Keep More Clients”spiralbinderclosed-transparent-small

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand The Life Time Value Of Your Customer
  • Build Your Customer List
  • Build A Strong Relationship With Your Prospects
  • Find Out Your Customers Want
  • Keep Selling To Your Customers
  • Up-Selling At The Point Of Purchase
  • Become A Trusted Advisor And Authority In Your Field

And much more…

Download your copy now by entering your details below:


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