What could a gentle, but persistent fall of snow teach you about marketing and acquiring new clients?Interlaken Snow

Well, as it happens, quite a lot.

Barbara and I are currently in Interlaken, Switzerland and winter has finally hit with a vengeance.

It was a relatively clear day. We’d left to go off to visit a friend across the border in Germany for the day (ah, the wonders of European train travel).

Arriving back home at 7:30pm though, there was a slight drizzle of snow. You’d hardly notice it falling.

It’d been happening at that rate all afternoon and while it seemed inconsequential, the landscape was covered in about 30cm of snow. Cars left outside were completely covered. Looked like we’d been in an ice-age.

Which raised an interesting analogy to marketing.

One of our chief mantras is the importance of regular, low-key, valuable content communication as a way to increase your authority and attract good quality clients.

The key is being consistent and persistent over time. Just like the gentle fall of snow, your constant drip, drip communication builds familiarity and trust over time.

Your prospects realise you’re there for the long haul and when the time is right for them, they call, often already having made the decision to work with you.

Over the years we’ve built our business on this one simple principle.

Try it for yourself and I guarantee your business will grow.

And finally, Barbara and I wish you all the very best for 2015. May you and yours be happy, healthy and prosperous. But always remember, wishing without doing is like trying to win the lottery without first buying a ticket. *smile*.

Rashid & Barbara.

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