Barbara needs to fly off to Switzerland for family reasons. She needed to check the T’s & C’s for a ticket, so called a wholesaler offering a cheaper price. Not finding the info on their website, she gave them a call, ending up dealing with someone in an Indian call centre.

While the lady at their end tried to be really helpful, she had no product knowledge. Every question needed a “put you on hold, I need to talk with my supervisor”. Then she kept getting Barbara’s name wrong, (names have to be correct on tickets – or you get charged a fee to change it).

The she got the phone number wrong, twice. And on top of all this wanted to charge an extra fee as she would make the booking (rather than Barbara going directly to the website).

28 minutes later, Barbara hung up the phone in disgust – still not having her original questions answered!

Annoyed, Barbara directly rang Emirates and an agent smoothly booked her in with no fuss.

So the wholesaler lost out.

The moral to the story? You must make it easy to do business with you. Have critical information on your website – and if you have sales people – product knowledge is critical.

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