There’s a saying in marketing, “The more you tell, the more you sell”.  In other words, the better you educate your prospects regarding your solutions, the more interest and engagement you’ll create.

However, the opposite is true in sales.

In sales, the more you tell, the less you’ll sell.  Your aim here is to deeply understand your prospect’s issues and the only way you’ll do that is by listening.

Having said that, there’s a third aspect people don’t talk about.  Delivery!

In delivery, the more you tell, the better your client relationships and client loyalty.

As service providers we do our utmost to deliver great outcomes for our clients.  Like ducks on a pond, while things may seem calm on the surface, we’re paddling madly under the water.

Trouble is our clients often don’t know this.  Unless you tell them!  Regularly!

If all your client sees is a black box, they can’t value what you provide because they don’t know the intricacies of what’s involved.

And if they can’t value it, they won’t want to keep paying.

So lift the lid and show your clients exactly what you’re doing to help them get results.

The more communication the better.  Don’t assume they’re not interested.

And yes, this takes more effort on your part, but what’s a happy client who keeps paying and refers you on worth?

I’ve just mediated a sticky situation along these lines.  This is what one party said:

“Sent this email last night. Peace reigns again and we are back to a decent working relationship. Thanks for your wise counsel!”

If you’d like help with your communication strategy, give me a hoy.

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