I’ll admit this one’s a bit different.  Many of you may find the subject matter difficult.

I’ve thought long and hard about including this as it isn’t directly about building business or particularly uplifting.  But I think it’s an important topic especially given the level of family violence we experience in Australia.

So here goes…

Does your background and upbringing chart the course of your life?  Do you have choice or do you follow familial patterns, even if they’re destructive?

David Dow is an Texan Lawyer who represents people on Death Row.  Having worked with over 100 clients who’ve eventually been executed, he’s made some startling observations as to the common background and journey these people take to get to this point.

He has a solution.  But I suspect given society’s propensity for “justice and law and order”, it won’t be easily implemented.

Judge for yourself.

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