As a business leader your job is to set the vision and direction for your organisation. Create and support a team which produces results for your clients.

Your job as a leader is to manage this, creating an environment where people want to belong.

But wherever there are people, there will be conflict.

A major part of your role is dealing with it.

Do you shy away from it, letting people get away with inappropriate behaviour? Will you call out lack of performance?

While most of us don’t like conflict and will often walk away rather than dealing with it, as a leader that simply isn’t useful.

Sometimes you have to beard the lion in his den. Take a stand.

I love this quote from Lt. General Morrison, “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”.

To which I’d add, “You get what you tolerate”.

What behaviours are you overlooking – are you letting someone off the hook because you perceive them to be important? Maybe they’re a major rainmaker or critical in some other way.

But what does this say to the rest of your people? One rule for them and one for the rest.

Leads to resentment, gossip and you’ll lose credibility and trust.

Performance will suffer. Other good people will leave.

As a leader it’s your job to lead.

Which means having the ability and willingness to have fierce, difficult conversations.

To have the courage and confidence to call out inappropriate behaviour. To hold people accountable even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.

When issues aren’t addressed, the problem rarely goes away. If anything it festers and gets worse, ultimately coming to a head at possibly the worst time.

Effective leaders are willing to have difficult, but fair conversations, garnering respect and loyalty, which ultimately leads to a better business and a better life for everyone involved.

If you would like my help to how to structure such conversations, reach out.

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